EVERY_ASSUM : (thm_tactic -> tactic)
Sequentially applies all tactics given by mapping a function over the assumptions of a goal.
When applied to a theorem-tactic f and a goal ({A1,...,An} ?- C), the EVERY_ASSUM tactical maps f over a list of ASSUMEd assumptions then applies the resulting tactics, in sequence, to the goal:
   EVERY_ASSUM f ({A1,...,An} ?- C)
    = (f(A1 |- A1) THEN ... THEN f(An |- An)) ({A1,...,An} ?- C)
If the goal has no assumptions, then EVERY_ASSUM has no effect.
The application of EVERY_ASSUM to a theorem-tactic and a goal fails if the theorem-tactic fails when applied to any of the ASSUMEd assumptions of the goal, or if any of the resulting tactics fail when applied sequentially.
HOL  Kananaskis-13