REWRITE_CONV : (thm list -> conv)
Rewrites a term including built-in tautologies in the list of rewrites.
Rewriting a term using REWRITE_CONV utilizes as rewrites two sets of theorems: the tautologies in the ML list implicit_rewrites and the ones supplied by the user. The rule searches top-down and recursively for subterms which match the left-hand side of any of the possible rewrites, until none of the transformations are applicable. There is no ordering specified among the set of rewrites.

Variants of this conversion allow changes in the set of equations used: PURE_REWRITE_CONV and others in its family do not rewrite with the theorems in implicit_rewrites.

The top-down recursive search for matches may not be desirable, as this may increase the number of inferences being made or may result in divergence. In this case other rewriting tools such as ONCE_REWRITE_CONV and GEN_REWRITE_CONV can be used, or the set of theorems given may be reduced.

See GEN_REWRITE_CONV for the general strategy for simplifying theorems in HOL using equational theorems.

Does not fail, but may diverge if the sequence of rewrites is non-terminating.
Used to manipulate terms by rewriting them with theorems. While resulting in high degree of automation, REWRITE_CONV can spawn a large number of inference steps. Thus, variants such as PURE_REWRITE_CONV, or other rules such as SUBST_CONV, may be used instead to improve efficiency.
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