Structure combinpp

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signature combinpp =

val toplevel_updname : string
val internal_consupd : string
val internal_idupd : string
val mapsto_special : string
val update_constname : string

val upd_processor : term_grammar.absyn_postprocessor
val upd_printer : term_grammar.userprinter



Written out in s-expression pseudo syntax (and abbreviating the names
above in what I hope is the obvious way, the processor expects to

  (toplevel f (consupd (leftarrow k1 d1)
                       (consupd (leftarrow k2 d2) .. idupd)))

and produce

  (constname k1 d1 (constname k2 d2 ... f))

The toplevel-consupd-idupd stuff can be generated with a suffix listform.

The arrows can be a standard infix.

It is then also up to the client to overload constname to the desired


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HOL 4, Trindemossen-1